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Eliminate the Kyphosis: 3 Hacks to Guaranteed Results

Kyphosis is a column problem that affects a considerable portion of the world’s population, mainly older women. Poor posture is one of the main causes of kyphosis, but it is not the only cause, as we will read below.

In this article, you will learn some important tips to relieve back pain, as well as how to prevent kyphosis and other back problems that can get worse over the years.

👉 Kyphosis: What are the causes?

Kyphosis is usually caused by incorrect posture habits during daily activities such as sitting, lying down, using the cell phone or carrying weight in an uncomfortable position for your spine.

However, there are other possible causes such as osteoporosis, congenital problems and advanced age, situations that increase the severity and incidence of people with kyphosis.

👉 What are the symptoms?

The main symptoms can be considered the intense pain in the upper region of the back, in the shoulder height, as well as changes in the curvature of the spine, pain during rest, reduction of muscle strength, weight loss and loss of sensitivity in the legs.

The most common symptoms are back pain, even when you are resting, which would be unusual because when resting it would be natural for you not to feel back pain.

Back pain in kyphosis becomes part of the routine for victims of this disease, so it is important to take steps to reduce back discomfort.


👉 3 Hacks to avoid and relieve pain

🔥 To relieve the pain caused by kyphosis, it would be important to follow the steps below. These are instructions recommended by health professionals, so they can be considered safe and healthy options for a less painful routine.

✅ Swimming: is an ideal physical exercise to reduce back pain, keeping your muscles active and increasing your body’s flexibility. Your back will thank you if you start swimming more often, besides working to reduce back pain, it is a relaxing and pleasurable physical exercise.

✅ Posture corrector: it is one of the most common and safe treatments to avoid that the kyphosis gets worse while adapting your body to follow a healthier posture.

The posture corrector acts to correct your posture during daily activities and can be used for more than 18 hours a day following medical recommendations.

It is a comfortable and safe tool for your back to be readjusted as the weeks go by.

✅ Pilates: Stretching is very important to reduce joint friction, relieve back pain and prevent future problems caused by kyphosis.

Pilates is the type of exercise indicated for those who want to relieve pain or prevent future back problems. It is also indicated for those who suffer from scoliosis and other back diseases.

⭐ Posture Corrector

✅ Treatment through regular use of the posture corrector is the most recommended way by doctors and specialists to correct your posture, relieve back pain and change your habits in the long term.

✅ Incorrect posture habits need to be corrected to avoid progressive kyphosis pain, so the posture corrector is always highly recommended by experts.

👉 Attitudes to prevent kyphosis

🔥 If you suffer from constant back pain, it would be advisable to consult a doctor to evaluate if the pain is caused by kyphosis.

In any case, it is highly recommended to follow the tips below to adopt a healthier lifestyle, relieve recurring pain and prevent the aggravation of existing pain. 

⚡ Workout Routine: As you have seen above, regular exercise is essential to avoid and relieve back pain, keeping your muscles active and making your body more flexible.

⛔ Don’t overdo it: one of the main causes of kyphosis is excessive physical activity. Once you exceed the recommended weight limit to be lifted, for example, physical activities are no longer beneficial.

⛔ Overweight: people with obesity tend to suffer from more back problems, so a healthy diet can also help relieve recurring pain.

⚡ Heavy Work: If your work requires constant weight lifting, it would be advisable to seek healthy ways to lift the weight without damaging your back and harming your spine.


👉 Where to buy a posture corrector?

Iuzzu sells one of the best posture corrector models on the market, allowing you to improve your posture and reduce back pain.

Thinking about your well-being, you can purchase a professional posture corrector for a completely affordable price.

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